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Impact of Technology in Real Estate transactions

From the days of yore where real estate transactions involved the cumbersome manual process of finding an agent from the directory or a print advertisement, arranging for property visits, going through numerous paperwork and spending all that time going back and forth in asking property details, property buying has come a long way.

The Internet has changed the ways of doing business permanently. For instance, chooses its agents carefully and onboard them through an exhaustive authentication process and ensures they are RERA authorized (Bla Bolig). This brings about the much-needed transparency and ease of conducting transactions from the digital world. It hasn’t been easy though. Educating customers about the convenience, legitimacy and the efficiency that technology brings is still an evolving process.

For, the internet has certainly brought customers close to the online property market but not without its own set of challenges ( Handling online enquiries from international customers means sorting through the quality of leads. Too many enquiries make it hard to narrow down to the qualified ones.

All this is changing in the coming months ( With a well-established digital marketing strategy using popular social media handles such as Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, Quora and using the website’s own Blog section to provide quality and informative content to real estate investors, the website plans to augment its platform for a better user experience in buying, selling and renting of properties in Dubai.

This also ensures that real estate agents can leverage on brand visibility for themselves and their company. focuses on its analytics to provide insights such as market trends, price changes, location tendencies to home buyers in helping them make an informed decision on their investments and in return hopes to sift through better quality of leads coming into the website.