All You Should Know About Electricians

All You Should Know About Electricians

Well, before saying much regarding electricians, you need to first of all know who electricians really are. To avoid all sorts of confusion, am going to give you the two possible definitions both of which are acceptable. Therefore, an electrician may refer to any individual who does the installation and maintenance of electrical equipment. The term could also mean, one who repairs and operates electrical appliances or installations.

Electricians may be grouped in to two main categories i.e. the linemen and the wiremen. Let’s have a look!


Linemen are those individuals dealing with big company’s electric distribution systems. They work on electric utilities which are usually at very high voltages. So it means that it is the linemen who always work on power transmission lines from one place to another. For instance, they install electric cables for power transmission from generation stations to cities and towns or even from one substation to the next.


Unlike linemen, wiremen work on utilities with relatively smaller voltages. This is probably the reason why they work mainly within buildings. Based on the nature of work done by the wiremen, they may be grouped further in to four subcategories.

The first one we have the residential electricians(elektriker vennesla) who work mainly on residential buildings. They know all the requirements of a domestic wiring system as well as the standards to be met. As a matter of fact, it is the effort of residential electricians which ensures that all the electrical appliances in your home work perfectly even without a single failure.

Another very important group is the commercial electricians. They are the people who are well versed with the wiring of such commercial buildings as banks and supermarkets among others. Commercial electricians are aware of all that should be done in order for all daily operations within such buildings to be a success.

Finally, I can’t fail mentioning the light industrial and the industrial electricians(elektriker kristiansand). They are also among some of the most important categories in this industry. The two groups are almost the same in everything only that, light industrial handle much lower voltages compared to industrial. The most important thing to master is the fact that they both have a better understanding of industrial wiring.

Classification of Electricians Based on the Level of Experience

Depending on how long you’ve been working in the field as an electrician(elektriker hovden), you may fall under any of the following categories.

·Apprentice Electricians – who are still having little experience
·Journeyman Electricians – are moderately experienced, have taken almost 6 years in the field.
·Master Electricians – are highly experienced and have worked in the field for more than six years.

Being an electrician(ELPunkt) is such a great career which could see your life thrusting to greater heights. We should always go for what works well for us.